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Seven Best Anti-Corruption Practices for Defence Companies – How Do You Compare?

Webinar  |  Seven Best Anti-Corruption Practices for Defence Companies – How Do You Compare?

After the publication of the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index, our analysis showed that there were seven anti-corruption practices that distinguished the most effective companies. This analysis was published in a separate report, “Raising the Bar”, which also provided a large number of examples on good practice in companies. Mark Pyman, Programme Director of TI-DSP, has now given a presentation on “Raising the Bar” together with partners and counsels at the law firm Latham & Watkins LLP in an interactive webinar. The webcast looks at the results of the report, as well as what measures companies could take on board to improve their anti-corruption systems. Click here and register to watch the webinar.

Report  |  Corruption as a threat to stability and peace

Launched today at the Munich Security Conference! This new study stresses how corruption hinders stability in post-conflict states and undermines peace worldwide. It also shows a robust connection between corruption risk and violent conflict and looks at evidence of this link in detail through case studies of Afghanistan, Kosovo and West Africa.

Report  |  Corruption & Peacekeeping

Launched 9 Oct! This new report examines the way that corruption issues undermine the implementation of peacekeeping mandates. This study identifies 28 types of corruption that threaten peacekeeping. It also spells out ways in which the UN can give an important lead in combatting corruption risk in peacekeeping operations.

Report  |  Watchdogs?

The Defence & Security Programme's new 'Watchdogs?' report and examines some of the issues that intersect with parliamentary oversight of the defence sector.

Report  |  Raising the Bar

‘Raising the Bar’ expands on our Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index (CI), using results from our study of 129 companies from 31 countries that have combined total revenue of over USD 500 billion. We go through 104 good practice examples and examine seven areas that distinguish companies with effective anti-corruption practices.

Listen  |  Interview with Radim Bures (Transparency International Czech Republic

In our new Watch & listen section we will feature video and audio clips on our work towards tackling defence and security corruption, as well as initiatives by other Transparency International chapters and civil society groups. In our first audio interview for our website, we spoke with Radim Bures, Programme Director of Transparency International Czech Republic. He told us how they're working together with the Ministry of Defence to reduce corruption in their scandal-ridden defence sector.

Chart  |  How much is military expenditure worth worldwide?

In our new facts & figures section we will feature charts with defence & security data. Our first one illustrates how much money around the world is spent for military purposes.






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