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    A world where governments, the armed forces, and arms transfers are transparent, accountable, and free from corruption.

    Our principal purpose in pursuit of this vision is to improve transparency and reduce the levels of corruption in defence and security ministries, in armed forces, and in defence companies.

    WE AIM TO:

    Raise awareness of corruption in the defence sector and provide practical tools to reduce corruption risks.

    Collaborate with governments and international organisations to enhance transparency in defence institutions.

    Work with defence companies to raise industry standards in international defence contracting.

    Develop centres and international networks of defence anti-corruption expertise.


    National defence ministries and armed forces to build integrity and reduce corruption. We collaborate with international organisations such as NATO, the UN, and the African Union to develop tools and approaches that reduce corruption risks.

    We encourage defence companies to collaborate internationally to enhance the integrity of international tendering. We strengthen civil society’s ability to engage constructively on defence, and provide expertise for those playing a monitoring and oversight role. Through our research programme, we develop new tools to implement anti-corruption change and build knowledge and expertise on defence and security corruption.


    In 2000, Transparency International UK brought together governments, defence companies, academics, and civil society organisations to consider whether circumstances had changed so that it would be possible for civil society to engage with the problem of corruption in the defence sector and national defence establishments. Two conferences on this topic were held: in Stockholm in February 2000, supported by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and in Cambridge in April 2001, supported by DFID of the UK. All the participants – governments, defence companies and civil society - concluded that an initiative to reduce corruption and increase transparency and accountability in the defence and security sector was both needed and possible.

    Since 2004, the UK Department for International Development has provided support to Transparency International UK to work with all those involved - governments, international organisations, defence companies, and civil society - to address corruption in the defence sector. The Defence and Security Programme today is an international programme of TI situated within TI-UK in London.

    Since 2004, Transparency International's Defence and Security Programme (TI DSP) has actively engaged with the defence and security ministries and armed forces of a wide range of countries, including Colombia, Norway, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the UK, Greece, Croatia and Bosnia. We have also worked directly with individuals from defence ministries, security ministries and armed forces from more than 35 nations through training programmes, research, workshops and roundtables, and high-level policy action.


    We have worked with a number of international organisations, including the UN, NATO, and the World Bank. In recent years, our work with the UN has focused primarily on the Arms Trade Treaty, where we have made the case for robust anti-corruption measures to be included in the final treaty. In partnership with NATO, we have developed and collaborated on a major programme called ‘Building Integrity’, which has developed counter-corruption tools such as an integrity self-assessment process for nations , pre-deployment training and dedicated training courses. These tools have proven to be very well received and are now being used by many nations.

    We have worked closely with European and American defence companies, in particular to stimulate a sector wide initiatives similar to those in other industry sectors such as oil and gas, and construction. The European defence industry has since developed the ‘Common Industry Standards’ against corruption, and a global initiative: IFBEC (International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct).

    We have an active collaboration with other civil society organisations in the field of corruption. We work closely with national chapters of Transparency International, as well as with other civil society organisations, including Oxfam, Saferworld, the Arias Foundation of Costa Rica, and many others.

    Finally, we have built a body of knowledge on tackling defence and security corruption. Our research over the past 11 years has formed the basis of our activities and helped us develop the practical tools we use with governments and armed forces, companies, and other civil society organisations.

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    Transparency International (TI) is the civil society organisation leading the global fight against corruption. Through more than 90 chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin, Germany, Transparency International raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption, and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.

    Transparency's Defence and Security Programme is an international project based out of the UK chapter of Transparency International (TI UK). The mission of Transparency International UK is a world in which government, politics, business, civil society, domestic and international institutions and the daily lives of people are freed from corruption, and in which the UK neither tolerates corruption within its own society and economy, nor contributes to overseas corruption through its international financial, trade and other business relations.


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