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Press release | Transparency International Germany: Corruption is a blind spot in international security policies

A study from Transparency International Germany identifies corruption as a key threat to stability and peace.

Media advisory | Presentation of the Study "Corruption as a Threat to Stability and Peace"

The anti-corruption organisation Transparency International Germany is launching a study that stresses how corruption hinders stability in post-conflict states and undermines peace worldwide.

Mark Pyman, Director, Defence and Security Programme, Transparency International UK
Lecture delivered on Monday 23 June, at the London offices of Norton Rose Fulbright

Read more: Speech: Strengthening international security against the threats from corruption

23/06/2014 (Updated: 09/07/2014) | Ivo Jongejan, Advocacy & Communications Assistant

Conflict and corruption go hand in hand. In recent days, the Iraqi army proved no match for ISIS insurgents in Mosul and other Iraqi cities. Ukrainian troops remain unable to subdue violent separatists. Terrorist groups and lawlessness pervade life in Northern Nigeria. In all these instances, defence and security forces that were well staffed, trained, and equipped on paper, have been unable to defend their citizens.

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12/06/2014 | Leah Wawro, Advocacy & Communications Lead

In this short film, we take a look at how AMAN (the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity, our TI chapter in Palestine) and the Palestinian Ministry of Interior worked with us to develop an anti-corruption forum and take action against corruption in the security sector.

Read more: VIDEO: Fighting corruption in security institutions in Palestine

12/06/2014 | Leah Wawro, Advocacy & Communications Lead

يقدم هذا الفيلم لمحة حول التعاون بين مؤسسة أمان - الفرع الوطني الفلسطيني لمنظمة الشفافية الدولية والمؤسسة الأمنية ووزارة الداخلية وحول مبادرة أمان في إنشاء منتدى مؤسسات المجتمع المدني للرقابة على قطاع الامن الفلسطيني.

Read more: فيديو: مكافحة الفساد في مؤسسات الأمن في فلسطين

11/06/2014 | Leah Wawro, Advocacy & Communications Lead

NATO's lack of transparency in military and non-military expenditure makes it hard for member states and taxpayers to hold the organisation to account. The transparency of the 28-country strong security alliance was slammed today by a new study and website by the Netherlands Court of Audit, which found that billions of taxpayer dollars go unaccounted for.

Read more: NATO's black hole: New report reveals excessive secrecy

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