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Press release | Transparency International Germany: Corruption is a blind spot in international security policies

A study from Transparency International Germany identifies corruption as a key threat to stability and peace.

Media advisory | Presentation of the Study "Corruption as a Threat to Stability and Peace"

The anti-corruption organisation Transparency International Germany is launching a study that stresses how corruption hinders stability in post-conflict states and undermines peace worldwide.

Dear Minister of Defence,

In early 2013, TI-DSP launched the first Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index, which measures corruption risk in defence and security ministries and armed forces worldwide. TI-DSP has started to develop the second edition of this Index, which will be published in 2015; in this round we are planning to include 136 countries.

We invite all governments included in the index to nominate a representative from the Ministry of Defence (or another relevant institution) to provide your input on what is being done in your country to address the risk of corruption in defence. A list of countries where we are seeking a representative is included at the end of this letter.

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Emma Kerr for Latin America Bureau

2 March, 2014

In 2008, it was revealed that Colombian soldiers had lured civilians to remote areas, killed them, and dressed them in items of clothing worn by guerrilleros. They presented the bodies to the authorities as insurgents killed in battle in order to receive promotions and other target-related benefits. Estimates of the number of people killed range from 4,000 to 5,000, and the victims became known as ‘falsos positivos’, or ‘false positives’.

Colombian army: time to clean its act
Colombian army: time to clean its act

Last week a procurement scandal in the Ministry of Defence revealed that a culture of impunity has allowed an extensive network of corrupt officials to develop within the Colombian defence establishment. The procurement corruption, in part, funded the lawyers of those implicated in the ‘falsos positivos’ charges.

The scandal reaches the very heights of the military high-command—military Chief General Leonardo Barrero and four other generals have been forced from their positions as a result of the revelations.

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Ever since the South African government signed a US$4.8 billion deal to buy weapons from Swedish, British, German and South African defence companies in 1999, it has been hounded by allegations of corruption. The deal is still ongoing, and could still be cancelled. One of the justifications for the purchase was offset contracts – side contracts between the government and defence companies, unrelated to the deal and intended to boost the South Africa economy. The offsets were meant to run over seven to 11 years, create 65,000 jobs, and investments of US$10 billion (R110 billion). But in reality, offset projects created only 13,690 jobs. They only attracted around US$8.2 million (R6 billion) in investment.

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LONDON, 19 February 2014

The UK Government, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and BAE Systems signed an agreement today on pricing for the Eurofighter Typhoon jet. Transparency International UK is calling for strong anti-corruption provisions, close scrutiny, and increased transparency in the deal.

Mark Pyman, Programme Director, said: “Too often in the past, deals like this have been shrouded in secrecy and beset with allegations of corruption.  BAE Systems and the Saudi and British governments should have nothing to hide.  This deal should be subject to strong anti-corruption controls and proper levels of disclosure and transparency.  That will prevent a repeat of past mistakes.”

Read more: Transparency International UK calls on UK authorities to learn lessons from the past in new...

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